Killer Optics at Fred Hall Show

Killer Optics at Fred Hall Show

This year, in addition to the awesome marine electronics, there will be a new feature called Optics Alley.  Dozens of quality companies will have marine, hunting and bird watching optics on display and for sale.

A new feature called the Fred Hall Snipe Hunt will allow patrons of Optics Alley to use any of the optics products on display to try and find the snipe decoys hidden in the rafters of the Long Beach Convention Center.  Once you find those snipe decoys you can sign up to be eligible to win a $500 optics gift certificate from Optics for Birding.  That is the company that will be selling all of the quality optics products in Optics Alley.

Of course there will be hundreds of boats on display.  There will be more fishing boats than at any other event.  But in 2014 the Fred Hall Show will also feature: cruisers; high performance boats; tow-boats; deck-boats; pontoon boats; inflatables; aluminum boats and more kayaks and stand up paddleboards than at any other show.

If you’ve never been to a Fred Hall Show or haven’t been in a while, you owe it to yourself to give this show a try.  March 5-9 at the Long Beach Convention Center.  You’ll be glad you did.  Check out the details a


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