L.A. County Beaches and Harbors Welcomes New Deputy Director

Byline: The Log Staff

MARINA DEL REY — Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors director Santos Kreimann announced April 30 that civil engineer John Kelly has been appointed as Beaches and Harbors’ deputy director in charge of capital infrastructure projects and facilities maintenance.

A civil engineer at the county’s Public Works Department, Kelly will now oversee Beaches and Harbors’ capital improvement projects, as well as infrastructure development efforts in the harbor and other parts of Marina del Rey. He will also manage premises and facilities maintenance, as well as all traffic and harbor engineering efforts.

“With more than 30 years of experience at all levels of the Public Works Department, John brings the wealth of experience and expertise necessary to manage capital projects worth more than $70 million on beaches and in the marina, as well as to maintain our existing facilities,” Kreimann said. “John will play a critical role in the department’s efforts to redevelop the marina for the next generation and in maintaining our commitment to provide top-notch amenities at our beaches, from Nicholas Canyon to White Point.”

The Department of Beaches and Harbors frequently partners with Los Angeles County Public Works, the largest public works agency in the United States, on a variety of projects, several of which Kelly has helped manage during his 17-year tenure as a Public Works Department senior manager.

Recently, Kelly worked with Beaches and Harbors in connection with the Paseo del Mar landslide in San Pedro, oversaw the Public Works Department’s role on capital improvement efforts at Venice and Will Rogers beaches, and supervised the project management team responsible for the waterline, roadway and Oxford Basin infrastructure improvements currently planned or under way in Marina del Rey.

“Visitors to our beaches, Marina del Rey and Los Angeles County residents in general seek a variety of recreational and other facilities along our coast and will benefit from John’s diverse experience as an engineer and manager in the nation’s most multi-faceted public works agency,” Kreimann said. “We’re happy to have him on board.”

Kelly joined Beaches and Harbors in early April.

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