L.A. County seeks to update street infrastructure in Marina del Rey

Portions of county-owned properties would be set aside for ‘public road and highway purposes’ on Admiralty Way at California Yacht Club.

MARINA DEL REY—Portions of properties owned by Los Angeles County in Marina del Rey appear to be slated for a “set aside,” according to a recent agenda item the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors considered at their Nov. 10 meeting. The portions of these properties would be set aside “for public road and highway purposes on Admiralty Way at California Yacht Club and Yvonne B. Burke Park,” according to county staff.

County staff, in a report to supervisors, said the set asides are “necessary for public convenience.”

“On October 15, 2019, the Board of Supervisors directed a traffic signal be installed at the intersection of Admiralty Way and the California Yacht Club driveway for pedestrian safety. The Set-Asides are required as part of the traffic signal installation,” county staff said on a report to supervisors. “The Set-Asides will become part of the public road right of way to be known as Admiralty Way. The recommended actions will ensure these portions of the properties can be used for designated highway purposes. The areas set aside for road purposes contain approximately 5,725 square feet.”

The county’s pursuit of the set asides is covered under Section 941 of the California Streets and Highways Code.

“The recommended actions will provide for improved infrastructure for the community of Marina del Rey, thereby improving the quality of life for residents of the area,” according to county staff. “There will be no impact to the County General Fund.”

Details of the set asides were not explained in the county staff report to supervisors, but there was a map showing the areas specifically affected by the Department of Public Works’ plan. A timeline of when work would be conducted and completed was not mentioned in the county staff report.

California Yacht Club – and the portion of Admiralty Way affected by the infrastructure improvement – is located near Basin F, which is at the northeast corner of Marina del Rey.

Yvonne B. Burke Park is on the northside of Admiralty Way, across the street from The Warehouse restaurant.

Anyone who has questions about this matter should reach out to Mark Pestrella, who is the director of the county’s Department of Public Works. He can be reached on Twitter at @mp_LACountyDPW. The department can also be reached via phone (626-458-4002) or email (info@dpw.lacounty.gov).

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