LA’s Clean Boating Expo offers recreational boaters the latest eco-friendly sailing tips, education on marine life

SAN PEDRO — Cabrillo Way Marina, in collaboration with the Port of Los Angeles, L.A. Waterfront and Wood, will host the Clean Boating Expo, an event focused on bringing the most environmentally friendly boating resources to sailors, June 23.

The event was debuted last year and features multiple vendors and environmental specialists catering to recreational boaters and now it’s returning to promote awareness for eco-safe practices on the sea.

A press statement about the event stated: “This event will help recreational boaters learn about how they can reduce their environmental impact while using and caring for their boat and join the Port of Los Angeles as environmental stewards of the L.A. Harbor.”

Recreational boaters attending the show can expect to see various vendors showing off environmentally safe products like electric motors, hull paints and cleaning products. Educational exhibits will be led by California Sea Grant, The Bay Foundation and LA County Natural History Museum. For the kiddies, a touch tank with marine creatures will be on display from Cabrillo Aquarium. Speakers from different agencies such as California Professional Divers Association, The Bay Foundation and Clean Marine will talk on subjects like how to safely clean your boat, using some of the latest alternative hull paints and more.

Other highlights of the day will include raffles, kid’s crafts and food trucks.

The expo will take place on Saturday, June 23 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Attendance is free for all ages.

Cabrillo Way Marina is located at 2293 Miner St. in San Pedro.

For more information about the show or participating, contact Michelle Bowman at 858-300-4324.

Photo: Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

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