Long Beach marina gains retroactive approval for permit

CHULA VISTA — The California Coastal Commission recently approved an after-the-fact request submitted by the operators of Bay Shore Walk Marina in Long Beach for a re-deck project of 13 fingers. The unpermitted work, which took place between February and April, “was conducted in order to make the dock safe, after the initial work had left it in an unsafe condition,” according to the applicant.

Bay Shore Walk Marina LLC reportedly recognized the need for permitting after work was completed and submitted a permit application to the Coastal Commission. The operators also paid an application fee of $16,440, or five times the normal charge.

“Long Beach Marine Bureau discovered the unpermitted construction and issued a stop work order on March 30,” commission staff stated. “The city informed [Bay Shore Walk Marina LLC] … permits were required from the city and the commission in order to re-deck the marina. The applicant obtained an approval in concept for the proposed re-decking from the Long Beach Marine Bureau on April 22 and an approval in concept from the Long Beach Department of Planning and Building on April 23.”

A contractor was hired in February and installed a new dock surface with 2-feet-by-6-feet Douglas fir treated wood; the previous dock surface was reportedly deteriorating. Also installed were new cleats for boats to tie up to the dock float.

A coastal development permit submitted by the marina operator was deemed incomplete in early May. Coastal Commission staff reportedly visited Bay Shore Walk Marina on May 4 and observed additional re-decking work being completed on the dock float, despite the city’s stop work order and being informed a coastal development permit was required.

“The applicant states that the second portion of the unpermitted work was conducted in order to make the dock safe, after the initial work had left it in an unsafe condition,” commission staff stated. “The applicant currently pays dock inspection fees to the city of Long Beach. The city is in the process of implementing a dock float and pier lease program for the limited-term private use and occupation of State Tidelands within Rivo Alto Canal for development associated with recreational boating activities.”

Bay Shore Walk Marina is located at 6161 E. Bay Shore Walk on the Long Beach Peninsula, directly across from Alamitos Bay; it was built in 1964 and updated in 1991.

“The proposed development is the improvement of a small boat marina, which promotes recreational boating and is an encouraged marine related use,” commission staff stated. “No fill of coastal waters is proposed. The proposed development will not have any significant adverse effect on sensitive marine resources, such as eelgrass.”

The retroactive permit was approved Aug. 12 at the Coastal Commission’s meeting in Chula Vista. The marina was also required to implement post-construction best management practices for water quality preservation and, if created, participate in a local dock float and pier lease program. 

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