Los Angeles County authorizes $403,000 for transient dock

Marina del Rey to receive new floating docks to promote water access and recreational activities.

LOS ANGELES — A relatively new but rapidly aging floating dock system in one of Southern California’s busiest harbors will be replaced, thanks to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors’ approval of new infrastructure on March 28.

The new transient docks, which will be installed near the Boathouse at Burton Chace Park in Marina del Rey, are expected to cost the county $403,000.

The current floating docks in place were installed in 2005, according to county staff.

“Replacement is required because, due to the harsh marine environment, many connecting parts and pieces are rusted and need replacement, but they are no longer sold by the vendor,” county staff stated in a report to supervisors. “Additionally, the transient docks have undergone reconstruction and no longer have the same slip configuration as they did in 2005. Therefore, the current floating dock system does not adequately fit into the new slip configuration and its materials are incompatible.”

Building the new docks out of concrete, according to county staff, would allow them to last longer than the current structure.

“The replacement docks will be made of concrete, which is more durable than the current plastic floating dock system, and will be designed to adequately fit into the new slip configuration,” county staff stated.

County officials currently use the floating docks at Burton Chace Park to operate the Department of Beaches and Harbors’ Water Awareness, Training, Education and Recreation – or W.A.T.E.R. – program. The program offers sailing camps to pre-teens and teens, teaching them basic and advanced sailing skills.

“The docks provide a safe place out of the water for the students to learn how to rig and prepare the vessels for sailing, as well as to practice docking the vessels,” county staff stated. “The docks will also serve as a launching area for kayak rentals that will be offered by the department once the construction of the Boathouse is complete.”

Transient Occupancy Tax funds dedicated to marina visitor-serving events, attractions and programs will be used to pay for the new transient docks, according to county staff. Use of public funds is justified, county staff added, since the new transient docks promote the Department of Beaches and Harbors’ goal of maintaining recreational youth programming and expanding public access to recreational water activities in Marina del Rey.

The project rebuild will also include a low-profile dock at Parcel 77, which, according to county staff, would allow for safer launches.

Two rowing clubs and dinghy storage permit holders would use the low-profile dock at Parcel 77.



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