Malibu Lagoon Restoration Proceeds

Byline: Associated Press

MALIBU (AP) — California parks officials say a project to restore circulation to the brackish waters of the Malibu Lagoon can proceed, despite objections from opponents.

State parks and recreation spokesman Roy Stearns says the First District Court of Appeals in San Francisco denied a stay May 24 that was blocking the start of the project.

The 13-acre lagoon is on one of the state’s most popular and scenic stretches of coast, where Malibu Creek meets the Pacific Ocean at Surfrider Beach.

An effort to restore the wetlands in 1983 dredged out a lagoon and created three channels but also resulted in stagnant water.

The multimillion-dollar plan would reconfigure the channels into one wider channel that scientists believe will allow for better water flow and encourage a larger variety of birds and marine life.

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