Marina Cortez mulls pet ban

San Diego— A proposed ban on pets at Marina Cortez is under consideration following a recent influx of incidents involving boaters neglecting to remove their dogs’ waste from the dock area.

In a memo released in Marina Cortez’s newsletter, owners were advised to clean up after their dogs or face a marina-wide banishment of all pets. Failure to comply with the request, according to the message, could lead to a June 1 decision which would outlaw dogs on all marina docks.

Marina regulations state that dogs must remain on a leash at all times when on marina grounds. Signs are posted throughout the complex regarding proper waste pickup.

“It just started about two months ago,” Marina Cortez manager Carol Pagliuso said. “We’ve always had pets. It just seems to be more or less on one dock. We have the pet stations up in the parking lot and on the dock, so there are really no excuses.”

The marina has four waste containers spread throughout its gates, as well as pet stations with undersized bags available for waste disposal. Pagliuso said the majority of these removal issues occurred on K dock, and, after hearing mounting concern from some boaters, the growing problem forced her to take action.

“A couple of people have said something and they’re concerned,” she said. “They have dogs. They don’t want to be blamed.”
Pagliuso said the marina, which is home to approximately 10 permanent dogs, has honed in on a possible culprit.

“I put the notice out in the newsletter to catch their attention,” she said. “I’m pretty sure I’ve narrowed it down. I’ve spoken to that person, but I didn’t accuse him. I told him this is how it’s going to be and he said ‘Oh, that’s terrible.’ These guys are going to have to police themselves.”

Along with Pagliuso, Marina Cortez’s office staff includes two janitors and one maintenance worker, who are generally housed in the office building or maintaining the parking lot.

“I walk around and if I see it, I can take care of it,” Pagliuso said. “If it’s messy, I have them come down with the brooms. We’ve always been pet friendly. It’s too bad that it would be a few or maybe even one to cause a problem.”

Marina Cortez, located across from the San Diego airport on Harbor Island, is adjacent to a park across the street which also allows patrons to appropriately tend to their pets’ needs.

“I had to be forceful because it’s important,” Pagliuso said. “I’m given them a couple of months. I think it will work itself out. I don’t think we’ll have to be that drastic.”

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