Minney’s Plans Annual Boaters’ Parking Lot Sale, June 2

Byline: The Log Staff

Minney’s Plans Annual Boaters’ Parking Lot Sale, June 2

COSTA MESA — Minney’s Yacht Surplus will hold its annual Marine Parking Lot Sale — a day for boaters to clean out their garages, dock boxes and chests, and turn their used boating gear into cash.

Each year for more than two decades, thousands of boaters from all over the West Coast wake up before dawn on the first Sunday in June and head to Minney’s to search for deals at the company’s giant “swap meet.”

Buyers will find scores of boaters selling sails, hardware, boats, anchors, line, winches, electronics, outboard engines and more, at low swap-meet prices.

Sellers can reserve a space for $30 each ($60 for dealers and manufacturers). Only 100 spaces will be sold — and the sale is open to marine and boat gear only.

To reserve a space, call Minney’s Yacht Surplus at (949) 548-4192 or email minneys@aol.com.

The event will be held in the 1500 block of Newport Boulevard in Costa Mesa, from sunrise until noon. All participants are required to pay for their spaces before the day of the event.

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