New online fishing guide provides information to anglers

New online fishing guide provides information to anglers

Anglers now have a new reference guide when planning their fishing trips with the launch of the improved California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s (CDFW) Fishing Guide.

According to CDFW, the new guide is faster and proves detailed information about fish plants and fishing locations.

“We put a lot of effort into creating successful fishing opportunities across the state,” said CDFW Fisheries Branch Chief Stafford Lehr. “The new Fishing Guide will be a major tool that lets us share the useful information we have with the public and to help anglers of the state find new places to enjoy the sport.”

The map-based Fishing Guide allows users to research information about specific fishing locations by selecting from a drop down menu, clicking on the map or by searching for a specific address, city or zip code. Specific information about each location includes planting schedule, historical fishing information and comments about the terrain, local amenities, fish known to the location and links to lodging, camping and dining options.

Other information displayed includes a link to driving directions, locations known to have quagga mussels and links to other pages, including fish planting information, regulations, license sales, boat launch facilities and a ‘safe to eat’ portal. The safe to eat portal displays advisories about contaminants known to the fish in a specific location.

In the coming year, CDFW plans to expand the Fishing Guide to include direct access to fishing regulations, license sales locations and boating facilities.

CDFW welcomes comments or suggestions to improve the guide. The new version of the guide can be found at

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