New Travel Options Added at Fred Hall Show

Byline: The Log Staff

New Travel Options Added at Fred Hall Show

The Fred Hall Shows have always displayed a remarkable collection of destination resorts. Hunting and fishing trips from all over the world were available to show attendees. From Alaska to Canada to South America to the South Pacific to the jungles of Africa, there has never been a shortage of hunting or fishing trips to choose from.

However, in the past, some Fred Hall show-goers have asked the event producers to include cruise lines and other “general travel” options. Often, while husbands will book a prized fishing or hunting trip, wives may be looking for “family style” vacations that may include fishing and hunting, but really belong in the category of “travel.” There had not been much of that at the Fred Hall Shows — until this year.

The Auto Club of Southern California has been a show sponsor for two consecutive years, and this year it is bringing the AAA travel department to both Fred Hall Shows. The Auto Club will be able to offer a wide variety of destinations to meet everyone’s needs and desires.

Another company joining the Fred Hall Show travel family for 2012 is AMAWaterways. AMA is the premier river cruising line in the world, offering cruises on all of Europe’s rivers and on the Mekong Delta in Vietnam and Cambodia. Travelers can sail in incredible luxury down the Danube, Mosel, Rhine, Rhone, Saone, Siene or Mekong Rivers.

So now, at the Fred Hall Shows, you can book that perfect fishing or hunting trip and also book the “family” vacation. Spend some time in the travel sections of the two shows, and explore the many exciting new possibilities for your next adventure.

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