Newport Beach City Council Approves updates to Title 17 – Harbor Code

The Harbor Commission’s proposed revisions and updates to the Newport Beach Municipal Code, Title 17 – Harbor Code went before the City Council on Jan. 28.

Council members approved the updated Title 17 except all references dealing with liveaboards in commercial marinas. The city-approved version will exclude language stating commercial marinas may not assign more than 7 percent of their slips for live-aboard boaters. Some City Council members said they didn’t want to limit options for affordable housing and didn’t think it necessary to include restrictions if there were no standing problems with liveaboards in commercial marinas.

The motion had unanimous approval, with council member Duffy Duffield recusing himself due to business interests.

A second City Council reading is scheduled for Feb. 11.

If passed on the second reading, the new Title 17 will set regulations for marine sanitation devices to protect against discharge of waste in Newport Harbor, amend requirements for mooring sub-permits, add a procedure to allow mooring length extensions, modify and add procedures for issuance of permits, appeals/calls for review and revocations, update sections dealing with public docks, harbor development permits, administering requests for mooring size extensions, harbor water quality issues and clarify the appeals process.

The Harbor Commission is still working on revisions and updates to one section of Title 17 – 17.10, which deals with Marine Activities Permits. Once accepted by the commission, it will come before the City Council for approval.

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