Newport Beach Harbor Commission forms ad-hoc committee to study floats on private docks and piers

What Happened: An appeal hearing for a violation issued for a dock structure that exceeded the permissible length stated in the permit was held at the Dec. 9 Newport Beach Harbor Commission meeting. The appellant told the Commission he documented about 360 similar infractions from other permittees and shared a slideshow featuring photographs of illegal floats attached to private docks similar to his. The hearing turned into a broader discussion about illegal float extensions in the harbor, ending with the commissioners suggesting a committee be formed to address the issue and possibly come up with a new policy.

What’s on Tap: At the Jan. 13 Newport Beach Harbor Commission meeting, the Commission established an ad-hoc committee to study floats on private docks and piers. Commissioner Marie Marston was appointed to head the committee. Commissioner Don Yahn was also appointed to the committee. The subcommittee will research and evaluate the issue and return to the full Harbor Commission with any recommendations.

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