Newport Beach Harbor Permit Policy updated by City Council, Harbor Commission

The Harbor Permit Policy, known as H-1 in the Municipal Code, decrees piers and floats may not extend beyond the pierhead line without a permit.

NEWPORT BEACH—Policy H-1 of Newport Beach Municipal Code Section 17.35.030 (A), also known as the Harbor Permit Policy, will receive revision from the harbor commission. Newport Beach City Council voted to update the policy, including an amendment to the provision date from July 12, 2018 to June 25, 2019, when the meeting took place.

H-1 Policy was signed into Newport Beach’s Municipal Code on June 1, 1964. The staff report says the original text of the document can be dated back to 1941 with revisions in 1962. Since the policy’s adoption in 1964, it has been revised more than 30 times. In the background section, the staff report states “that piers and floats may not extend beyond the pierhead line unless approved by Council policy.”

The staff report reads, “At the June 11, 2019 meeting, the City Council voted to review City Council Policy H-1 (“Policy H-1”) at the next meeting. The attached revision to Policy H-1 provides clarity to the existing policy so that current and future applications could be reviewed efficiently. The City Council also requests the Harbor Commission to review this updated Policy H-1 and to provide any recommended revisions back to the City Council.”

Council members voted unanimously to update the policy. Council member Marshall Duffield recused himself from the vote.

The policy can be found online at newportbeachca.gov/home/showdocument?id=2459. Newport Beach Harbor Commission may provide additional revisions and recommendations as needed for City Council to review as soon as possible.

Visit newportbeachca.gov to see the staff report, redline documents and other materials in relation to this item.

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