Newport Beach to replace floating dock

NEWPORT BEACH—The California Coastal Commission approved a request to remove a 644-square-foot floating dock and replace it with a smaller structure, Nov. 13. The floating dock is located near 1903 East Bay Avenue in Newport Beach. Point Development was the project applicant.

“The existing and proposed dock systems are constructed both on and over private property and State Tidelands administered by the city,” Coastal Commission staff said in a report to commissioners. “Single-family residences and associated private dock systems characterize the subject site and surrounding area. There is no direct public pedestrian access to public tidelands through the private residential lot at the subject site.”

Point Development will remove the 644-square-foot floating dock and replace it with a 584-square-foot floating dock.

Also to be replaced is the existing 3-foot-by-20-foot gangway, 10-foot-by-14-foot pier platform and a 64-square-foot pier approach; all will be replaced like for like, and the existing three 14-inch concrete T-Piles and three 14-inch concrete marina guide piles will be re-used in place, according to Coastal Commission staff.

“The new dock system will be comprised of wood and composite material, foam and concrete,” Coastal Commission staff stated in a report to commissioners. “The existing and proposed dock systems extend bayward past the U.S. Pierhead line by 16-feet as allowed by the city of Newport Beach Harbor Permit Policy. This situation is similar to the docks in the adjacent area and is consistent with past commission actions in the area.”

Commissioners also approved a Newport Beach Harbor Resources Department application to remove a 160-square-foot public floating swim dock with two 12-inch square marina guide piles, offshore of the 10th Street Beach. The floating dock and guide piles will be replaced like for like.

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