Newport Harbor Dredging Project Enters Next Phase

Byline: The Log Staff

Newport Harbor Dredging Project Enters Next Phase

Newport Beach Harbor Resources has released its latest update on the Lower Bay dredging project:

• The quantities of material dredged under Phase I include 260,000 cubic yards of sediment disposed of offshore at disposal site “LA-3” and 111,000 cubic yards of contaminated sediment sent to the Port of Long Beach’s containment site. That amounted to a total of 371,000 cubic yards of sediment removed in Phase 1 of dredging.

• Now starting Phase 2, R.E. Staite has its medium-sized dredge 180 working in the larger channel between Harbor Island and Linda Isle. The crew will be working down the center of the channel, then will work their way down each side, staying 15 feet from the docks. Boaters with slips in this channel must remove their vessels if the boat overhangs 5 feet beyond the docks.  Boaters can hail R.E. Staite on VHF radio Channel 78A to find out when they need to move their vessel.

• R.E. Staite has mobilized a new small dredge to remove the last remaining contaminated material marked for disposal in the Lower Bay dredging project — located along the back side of Linda Isle. The 1,200 cubic yards of material to be dredged were scheduled be barged to the Port of Long Beach for disposal by Oct. 12.

• With the Long Beach-bound material removed and no more impending deadlines issued, the remaining dredging should take place during normal dredging hours: 6 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday-Saturday.

• The larger blue/white dredge, Palomar, is working in the area adjacent to Newport Harbor Yacht Club. Newport Beach Harbor Resources manager Chris Miller expects the area to take about three weeks to dredge, then dredging will move over to the F Mooring Field.

• The mooring permittees in the D Field are scheduled to relocate back to their moorings soon, and the Harbor Patrol has begun to notify those permittees. Mooring permittees should note that moorings may not be in their exact previous location following the dredging operation. South Mooring Co. is trying to reposition the moorings inside the new Coast Guard-approved mooring boundaries that the Harbor Commission and the Newport Mooring Association spent many years perfecting. According to city officials, there will probably be some mooring “finessing” to get the positions just right.

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