Oceanside accepts grant for pumpout station replacement

Oceanside’s City Council accepted $18,938 in grant funds from the California Division of Boating and Waterways to help pay for a replacement of a boat sewage pumpout station at the harbor’s transient vessel dock. The grant was accepted during the council’s June 18 meeting. The city is required to provide matching funds; the matching funds for this project totals $6,313.

“The existing pumpout station at the Transient Vessel Dock is approximately seven years old. Because of the harsh environment and the constant use, while the pumpout is currently operational, it has deteriorated to the point that future repairs will exceed 50 percent of the cost of a new unit,” city staff stated in a report to council members.

The total cost to replace the pumpout station is $25,251, according to Oceanside city staff. Matching finds of $6,313 will come from the city’s Harbor Maintenance account, which, at the time the state grant was approved, had a balance of $71,944. The $6,313 will be transferred from Harbor Maintenance to the Sewage Pumpout Station account.

“The harbor has two sewage pumpout stations for boats,” city staff said. “Boaters can moor at the stations and empty the tanks inside their boats. The pumpout station at the Transient Vessel Dock is used by both Oceanside Harbor boaters and guest boaters. Both pumpout stations are open to the public 24 hours per day and are free of charge.”


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