Oceanside Pier falling apart in 1980s

OCEANSIDE—Oceanside Pier has been through a lot since construction for the first structure began in 1888. The pier, which was originally called a wharf, has been battered by many storms. Some might remember the storm that left the damage in this Oceanside Historical Society photo taken in the 1980s. According to the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce, in April 1976 a 600-square-foot section collapsed during a storm; a 200-square-foot section was ripped off by another storm two years later. The city decided to demolish the deteriorating pier and build a new one, which is the pier today. In 1978 planning began. The new pier would open in 1987 and be nearly 2,000 feet long and would include a restaurant, tackle shop, lifeguard tower and restrooms.


Photo courtesy of Oceanside Historical Society

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