Old Marina Hoses Benefit Mexico Fire Department

Byline: The Log Staff

Old Marina Hoses Benefit Mexico Fire Department

CHANNEL ISLANDS HARBOR — As a community-driven business, Vintage Marina Partners consistently strives to help keep Oxnard and the surrounding areas clean and eco-friendly, said Michelle Lapointe, who manages Vintage Marina Partners’ two marinas in Channel Islands Harbor. But, she added, “community is more than where you live or work.”

How does a single business expand its view from local to global? Enter JB Jourdan.

Jourdan and Lapointe met at the Channel Islands Tall Ships Festival. Jourdan, a Santa Barbara resident, owns Shipshape Yacht Management LLC, a business that details, repairs and maintains boats. Several of her clients have boat slips at Vintage Marina and Channel Islands Marina.

During a visit in September, Jourdan noticed that Vintage Marina had begun the process of upgrading its fire hoses. She asked Lapointe what the marina intended to do with the old hoses — and asked instead how Vintage Marina Partners would feel about donating the hoses to a fire department in San Felipe, Mexico.

Jourdan explained that her mother lived part of the year in San Felipe, and that while the town did have tourists, it was primarily a fishing town. Because most of the government money for Mexicali was expended on the towns to the north, she was certain they could use donated fire hoses.

Lapointe said she loved the idea, agreed to the donation and also sent T-shirts along with the gift.

Jourdan went to San Felipe Oct. 5 and presented the gift of the hoses and T-shirts at the local firehouse. “They were really excited,” Jourdan said, adding, “They even asked if they could get more shirts!”

Jourdan sent a photo of the firemen to Vintage Marina Partners and shared their gratitude with Lapointe, who said she was grateful for the ability to share and expand the company’s vision of social responsibility outside of Oxnard.

Lapointe indicated that she hopes to offer additional ideas for assisting San Felipe — perhaps helping locals attain Clean Marina certification for their own marina. For her part, JB Jourdan said she is excited about the idea of helping facilitate that conversation and looks forward to exploring other ways they can expand the efforts they have initiated.

“Hopefully,” Lapointe said, “this is just the beginning.”

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