One of California’s last waterfront pavilion in Balboa, newly built

BALBOA ISLAND, Calif. — When Balboa Pavilion was built by Newport Bay Investment Company in 1906, the contractor Chris McNeil had just constructed the historic Santa Ana Courthouse. Similar to Newport’s vision of becoming a world-famous tourist destination, Balboa Pavilion was modeled in the Victorian style and boasted a 210-feet waterfront area.

In 1968, Balboa Pavilion was registered as a California State Historic Landmark and its history as a boat house and entertainment authority continues today. Visitors and tourists can currently go sportsfishing from Davey’s Locker, travel to Catalina Island via the Catalina Flyer, dine at the Harborside Restaurant and so much more at this iconic and fun location.


Information sourced for this feature from balboapavilion.com.

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