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One Small Kelpfish for Mankind

DANA POINT— “This is called a giant kelp fish!” said a July 6 Facebook post from Dana Wharf Sportfishing. “These guys live in the same kelp as the calico bass. They are ambush predators like the bass are too. These fish have fantastic camouflage making them virtually unnoticed as they hang out in the stringers of kelp. Not typically a good table fish, so we like releasing these guys!” The giant kelp fish ranges from British Columbia to southern Baja, making their homes in kelp forests where their blade-shaped bodies help them blend in with the leaves. The fish come in various colors, red, green, and brown, with several silvery patterns. They can reach up to two feet in length and feed on small crustaceans, fish, and mollusks. Fun fact as larvae, the giant kelpfish, has been known to school with transparent mysid shrimp.


Dana Wharf Sportfishing Photo

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