Owner of Conception Reported to Have Sold Remaining Two Vessels

SANTA BARBARA— The Los Angeles Times has reported Glen Fritzler, owner of Santa Barbara-based Truth Aquatics Inc., has sold off his two remaining dive vessels. Fritzler owned the dive boat Conception, which burned and sank off the Channel Islands on Sept. 2, 2019, killing 34 people.

The Times reported Channel Islands Expeditions was listed as the owner of the vessels Vision and Truth as of Dec. 9.

Channel Islands Expeditions operates the Sunfish out of the Marine Emporium Landing in Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard and offers dive trips, charters, and other excursions to the Channel Islands.

“For those of you returning to the Truth and Vision, we are committed to continuing to offer the same world-class experience you have known for the past 40 years,” read a statement on Channel Islands Expeditions website.

Federal safety investigators blamed Truth Aquatics for a lack of oversight that led to the deadly fire. However, Fritzler and Truth Aquatics haven’t been charged with a crime but are facing wrongful death lawsuits filed by families of those who died.


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