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Pacific Marine Mammal Center and John Wayne Airport Collaborate to Raise Environmental Awareness Among Travelers

The Pacific Marine Mammal Center (PMMC) and John Wayne Airport, both in Orange County, have joined hands to promote environmental awareness among travelers. PMMC, known for its marine mammal rescue and conservation efforts, is collaborating with the airport to educate passengers about conservation and the impact of human activities on marine life.

The partnership includes an exhibit within the airport terminals, offering travelers insights into marine conservation, PMMC’s rescue efforts and the role individuals play in protecting oceans. The exhibit features educational displays, multimedia content and firsthand accounts of PMMC’s work.

John Wayne Airport is supporting PMMC’s conservation initiatives by implementing eco-friendly practices and promoting sustainable travel options. The airport aims to reduce single-use plastics and encourage responsible wildlife viewing, fostering a culture of environmental responsibility among travelers.

Launched in April to coincide with Earth Day, the summer-long engagement includes displays raising awareness about environmental issues. Baggage claim areas feature towers filled with single-use plastics to highlight their impact on the environment. Monitors throughout the airport showcase PMMC’s current patients and offer tips for contributing to a healthier planet.

AnnaSophia Servin, manager of public relations at the airport, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating that raising awareness about marine conservation empowers travelers to make sustainable choices for future generations.

Glenn Gray, CEO of PMMC, emphasized their commitment to protecting marine life and promoting environmental stewardship. By partnering with the airport, PMMC hopes to reach a broader audience and inspire action for ocean health.

For more information about PMMC and upcoming initiatives, visit www.pacificmmc.org.

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