Panga Rams SD Harbor Police Boat, Escapes to Mexico

Byline: Associated Press

IMPERIAL BEACH (AP) — A San Diego Harbor Police boat was rammed by a panga that then fled into Mexican waters, authorities said.

Sgt. Michael Rich told U-T San Diego that no one on the police boat was injured in the collision, which occurred at 9:25 p.m. March 2 off Imperial Beach.

Rich said two officers were on routine patrol when they saw a small powerboat and tried to contact the operators. The panga struck the patrol boat and turned south, escaping to Mexico.

The officers couldn’t tell what was on the boat or how many people were aboard. Rich said it appeared the collision was intentional.

A panga is a type of modest-sized (usually between 19 and 28 feet in length) open outboard-powered fishing boat common throughout Mexico that is often used for smuggling people or drugs into the United States from Mexico.


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