Plan to upgrade portions of Mission Bay approved by Coastal Commission

Playgrounds and fitness equipment near Tecolote Shores and DeAnza Cove will be renovated.

SAN DIEGO—A proposal to renovate two playgrounds and a fitness area near Tecolote Shores and DeAnza Cove at San Diego’s Mission Bay will be renovated and updated, thanks to a California Coastal Commission approval on Nov. 5.

The proposed area for the renovation and upgrades is located within the eastern cover of Mission Bay. Reporting of this project is being published in The Log as to inform boaters of impending construction at Mission Bay, even though this development isn’t a boating project.

Construction would be done in two phases, likely in non-summer months. City officials, however, requested permission to perform construction during summer months in the case of emergency, in the event of delays and to keep the project on schedule.

The playground and parking lot at Tecolote Shores South will be open to the public while construction work takes place at Tecolote Shores North (and vice versa).

Runoff during construction was a concern for Coastal Commission staff and its members. A special condition, accordingly, was implemented to ensure Mission Bay’s waters are not contaminated by construction runoff.

“Because the project is located adjacent to Mission Bay and includes a large amount of new and replaced impervious surfaces, the project has a greater potential for generating polluted runoff or changing runoff flows that may adversely impact coastal resources,” Coastal Commission staff said in a report to commissioners. “To ensure that appropriate best management practices (BMPs) are implemented in the two parking lots, [a special condition] requires the applicant to submit a stormwater plan that identifies the stormwater pollution prevention measures to be used in the two parking lots and describes how the stormwater generated from the parking lot areas would be captured and treated.”

Also set to be remodeled are the restrooms at Tecolote Shores North. City officials also plan to make sidewalks and parking spaces in the area compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The project also calls for new security lighting,

Construction should be completed within 9 months, with phase 1 expected to be wrapped up by May 2021. Phase 2 would be completed by May 2022 (with a possible break in work between June 2021 and September 2021).

“The proposed project includes the removal of 18 trees; however, 34 new trees would be planted resulting in a net increase of trees. To ensure nesting birds are not impacted during the removal of the trees, [a special condition] requires the applicant to conduct a nest survey within 72 hours prior to the removal of the trees during bird nesting season (February 15th through September 15th) to determine the presence or absence of nesting birds,” Coastal Commission staff said in a report to commissioners.

“If any active nests are detected, the tree will be flagged and avoided until the nesting cycle is complete,” Coastal Commission staff continued.

The project was approved by Coastal Commissioners as part of its Consent Calendar on Nov. 5.


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