Pollution Report: Most SoCal Beaches Improving

Byline: The Log Staff

Pollution Report: Most SoCal Beaches Improving

SANTA MONICA — The annual Heal the Bay Beach Report Card gives beachgoers the chance to see if their favorite beach is up to standards and meeting safe water quality levels for the year.

            This year, the scores show an overall improvement for many of Southern California’s beaches, while some remain on the report’s dreaded “Beach Bummers” list, displaying the top 10 worst-rated beaches in the state.

San Diego County

San Diego continued to exhibit excellent beach water quality, with 93 percent of all monitoring locations receiving an “A” grade during summer dry weather. Winter dry weather water quality was also excellent, with 93 percent “A” grades.

During wet weather, 77 percent of locations received an “A” or “B” grade, besting both the five-year average for San Diego (68 percent) and this year’s statewide average (64 percent).

Orange County

Water quality in Orange County was excellent this year, with 94 percent “A” or “B” grades (89 percent were “A” grades). Beach water quality during the winter dry weather was also very good, with 87 percent “A” or “B” grades.

Wet weather grades were fair (69 percent “A” or “B” grades) and bested the five-year average by 15 percent. Two Orange County beaches appear on this year’s Beach Bummer list: Dana Point’s Doheny State Beach at San Juan Creek outlet (#7) and San Clemente’s Poche Beach (#8).

Los Angeles County

Summer dry weather water quality in Los Angeles improved 7 percent from last year, with 82 percent “A” or “B” grades. Winter dry water quality was nearly the same as summer dry water quality, with 81 percent “A” or “B” grades — besting the five-year average by 13 percent.

Wet weather water quality in Los Angeles continues to be poor overall, with 49 percent of monitoring locations receiving “F” grades this year — 27 percent worse than the state average.

Los Angeles County was also host to seven out of the 10 beaches on the statewide Beach Bummer list this year: Topanga State Beach at the creek mouth (#10), Escondido State Beach at Escondido Creek (#9), Cabrillo Beach harborside (#6), Dan Blocker County Beach at Solstice Creek (#5), Surfrider Beach at the Malibu Lagoon outlet (#4), Puerco Beach at the Marie Canyon storm drain (#3) and Avalon Harbor Beach on Catalina Island (#1).

Ventura County

Dry summer and winter weather water quality grades in Ventura County were excellent this year, with 100 percent of locations receiving “A” grades for both time periods. Wet weather water quality was also excellent, with 19 of 21 locations (90 percent) receiving “A” or “B” grades.

This year, Ventura County bested its five-year average for all three time periods.

Santa Barbara County

Santa Barbara displayed excellent water quality grades this year, receiving 93 percent “A” or “B” grades during both summer and winter dry weather. Water quality was poor during wet weather, with only 40 percent “A” or “B” grades — below both the county’s five-year average and this year’s statewide average.


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