Port of L.A. approves enclosures for receptacles at Cabrillo Way Marina parking lots

The Los Angeles Harbor Commission, on Aug. 22, approved a Coastal Development Permit (CDP) for Westrec Marina Management to install fence enclosures for trash receptacles at Cabrillo Way Marina parking lots.

A timeline for how long the project would take to complete was not mentioned in the Port of L.A. staff report, but the terms of the CDP indicated work on the receptacles must begin within two years of the permit’s execution.

The new fence enclosures, according to Port of Los Angeles staff, will match existing enclosures.

“The new enclosures will match existing enclosures and will consist of chain link fence with green vinyl slats, and they will provide security for waste management,” Port of L.A. staff stated in a report to the Harbor Commission. “The estimated project cost is $24,333 and will be paid by Westrec Marina Management.”


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