Port of Los Angeles seeks proposals for LA Waterfront redevelopment

The Port of Los Angeles released a prospectus on March 3, outlining plans for a redevelopment and adaptive reuse opportunity at “Warehouse No. 1.” The building, which is one of the most recognizable structures on port district land, would be converted into a commercial and visitor-serving facility. Included in the prospectus: the Request for Information and Request for Proposals.

Warehouse No. 1, at six stories tall and 460,000 square feet in space, is often the first building seen whenever boaters and cargo ships enter the L.A. Harbor. It was built in 1917 and was the port district’s only bonded warehouse.

The building is being positioned as an ideal location for commercial and visitor-serving purposes. Warehouse No. 1 is adjacent to AltaSea and close to Cabrillo Way Marina. Port district officials are also touting Warehouse No. 1 for its close proximity to San Pedro Public Market, a $150 million redevelopment project scheduled to be online in 2021. San Pedro Public Market is the centerpiece of the LA Waterfront project, which aims to repurpose the San Pedro and Wilmington as a visitor-serving destination.

The winning bidder of the Warehouse No. 1 redevelopment project would have an opportunity to enter into a public-private partnership to repurpose the large building with office space, dining, entertainment, marine-related activities and other visitor-service commercial uses.


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