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Port of San Diego Invites Boating Community to Participate in In-Water Hull Cleaning Survey

SAN DIEGO— The Port of San Diego has invited boaters, hull cleaners and marina and yacht club operators and mangers in the San Diego Bay community to participate in their “In-Water Hull Cleaning Survey.”

The information collected through the survey will be used by port staff to better understand the cleaning strategies used in San Diego Bay and inform potential next steps in the effort to improve water quality. The survey is open until midnight on March 21 and can be completed online at portofsandiego.org/environment/environmental-protection/copper-reduction-program.

The Dissolved Copper Water Quality readings show regulatory listings for water body impairments around San Diego Bay and the port has been working to reduce those levels through its Copper Reduction Program.

The Port of San Diego adopted In-Water Hull Cleaning regulations in 2012 to reduce or eliminate copper pollution caused by hull cleaning activities in San Diego Bay. The ordinance requires the use of Best Management Practices (BMPs) for anyone doing in-water hull cleaning.

In late 2019 into early 2020, Port staff conducted outreach and engaged with the boating community regarding proposed amendments to the Port’s proposed ordinance for in-water hull cleaning. The port said on its copper reduction webpage, staff continues to evaluate the feedback and potential next steps.

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  • When a vessel will permit and of course budget, all vessels should be on a dry berth boat float. It makes sense when practical and possible.



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