Port of San Diego’s Web Mapping app is now available

The Port of San Diego announced its user-friendly Web Mapping Application is now available for anglers, boaters and other users of the port district.

San Diego’s port district developed the mapping app as part of the San Diego Ocean Planning Partnership; the collaborative pilot project was a joint pursuit involving California’s State Lands Commission and the Port of San Diego.

“The pilot project is guided by public and stakeholder input, best available science, and available data,” port district staff said in a released statement. “In late 2018, the partnership finalized the Preliminary Assessment Report, which summarizes public and stakeholder input on how the ocean space is used, challenges with those uses, and suggestions on how to best manage the ocean planning process.”

The Web Mapping Application is an interactive tool to help anglers, boaters and others become aware of ocean space and ocean-related data offshore of San Diego County. Information on the mapping app is based upon research and activities on a variety of issues associated with the port district, such as commerce, environmental stewardship, fisheries, navigation and recreation.

All data sets are gathered from public sources. The app offers users a quick-start guide and webinar to familiarize them with the available information and what it all means.

The Web Mapping Application and its associated Preliminary Assessment Report are available online; visit sdoceanplanning.org.


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