Quickline Ultra Anchors Receive ABS Certification

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Quickline Ultra Anchors Receive ABS Certification

HUNTINGTON BEACH — Quickline, a Huntington Beach-based importer and distributor of quality marine gear and accessory products, announced that it has received “Type Approval” certification of its complete Ultra Anchor product line from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

Meeting the highest level of holding power as defined by the ABS, Quickline’s entire range of Ultra Anchors has been awarded top certification of design assessment for Stainless Steel Superior Holding Power (SHP) for restricted service. Quickline received its first SHP certificate in early 2011 after testing of its UA 45-99 (100-pound anchor), however the new certification compasses the entire Ultra Anchor product line from 11 to 792 pounds — with certification for larger Ultra Anchors available on a case-by-case basis.

“The certification confirms that Ultra Anchors from Quickline are ideal for all conditions and provide boaters the ultimate in performance, safety and the peace of mind they deserve,” said Randy Boelsems, president of Quickline. They are suitable for use on ABS and other class vessels, and they are designed to provide a quick, deep-set and a strong hold.

The SHP for restricted service certification is given to anchors with superior holding power of at least four times that of ordinary anchors. Using tests that conform to the ABS Anchor Sea Test Procedure performed in sand, mud and gravel at average sea depths of 32.5 feet, the Ultra Anchor exceeds ABS requirements.

The Quickline Ultra Anchor’s innovative dipper-style concave fluke body provides superior holding power and resists the tendency to extricate from a set position, Boelsems said. The Ultra Anchor’s swivel/shackle attachment eye is reinforced for extra strength, and it is ergonomically positioned to place the Ultra Anchor’s weight on its curved tip for the ultimate setting and grip.

“While many anchors on the market excel in only one type of seabed, the Ultra Anchor sets in the greatest variety of seabeds — including sand, unconsolidated soils, mud, sea grass and kelp — providing complete versatility that is particularly useful for extended voyages,” Boelsems said.

Other products from Quickline include Sovereign marine barbecue grills, Quickline flat rope and reels, snubbers and bridles, Ultra chain grabs and Lewco battery chargers.

For more information about the ABS certification or about Quickline’s marine product line, call (714) 843-6964 or visit quickline.us.

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