Redondo Beach approves contract amendment for sportfishing pier replacement

What Happened: The Redondo Beach City Council approved an amendment to a professional services contract for the replacement of a dilapidated sportfishing pier at King Harbor, Jan. 16.

Council members extended the contract for public outreach, environmental assessments, design services and other related tasks through 2023

The contract between city and vendor – Moffatt & Nichol – was crafted in such a way as to allow Redondo Beach’s council and staff to pursue the sportfishing pier rebuild in phases, according to city staff. A phased approach to the rebuild would open the door for the City Council to use the sportfishing pier as a centerpiece for other opportunities, such as determining the location of a boat launch ramp and making King Harbor a destination for sailing events at the 2028 Summer Games in Southern California.

Moffatt & Nichol performed an assessment last year and performed a report. The assessment determined there were damages and defects to the pier’s piles. Activity on the pier was reduced, accordingly, what with boat tie-ups no longer allowed at its far end. City officials fully shut down the pier as of this month.

City staff added the pier overall structure appears to be in “serious condition,” with broken piles found above and below the water surface and damage to the venue’s lateral timber braces.

Repairing the sportfishing pier would not extend its life enough to warrant such a course of action, leading city officials to advocate for its complete replacement.

Council members, in August 2017, agreed to replace the sportfishing pier in entirety.


What’s On Tap: Public outreach on the project is expected to begin in March and continue through the spring and summer. The City Council will revisit the project again in the summer, before moving forward with conceptual design and permitting. City staff expects to complete permitting by Spring 2019 and design by Summer 2019.

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