Redondo Beach Harbor Commission Meets to Discuss Harbor Revitalization

The commission met on Feb. 8 and appointed a subcommittee to create a request for proposal for a revitalization project.

REDONDO―In a Feb. 8 meeting of the Redondo Beach Harbor Commission, the committee discussed and wordsmithed a request for proposal for the King Harbor Revitalization project.

The project was presented to the Redondo Beach City Council on Jan. 12 and was sent over to the Harbor Commission after a substitute motion was presented by Councilmember Laura Emdee to allow the Harbor Commission to make a recommendation on the project.

Stephen Proud, the waterfront and economic development director and staff director for the Harbor Commission, presented a preliminary RFP to the commission which served as a jumping-off point for a debate about the wording and scope of the project.

One of the larger concerns of the project was the timeline, as projects for revitalization have been presented in the past but rarely make it out of the planning phase. Commissioner Vicki Callahan compared the process to the popular Bill Murray movie “Groundhogs Day.”

Commissioner Jim Light’s plan to mitigate time was to create a subcommittee within the harbor commission, have the city council choose a consultant, and between the committee, consultant, and staff they could create a plan ready for review and recommendation within six months.

Proud’s draft RFP laid out a plan to run a parallel project focusing on the boat ramp, sportfishing pier, and Moonstone Park. Moonstone Park would run as a separate but congruent project, as was discussed in the Redondo Beach City Council meeting on Jan. 12.

The commission spent the rest of the discussion fine-tuning the wording of the draft RFP.

The majority of the commission agreed the boat ramp was a priority and would serve as the linchpin for the project. In the end, there were eight amendments made to the draft RFP; A location and design of a boat ramp; Replacement of the sportfishing pier, if any; A design of Seaside Lagoon or event space; An enhanced promenade and an improved experience in Basin C; A location and designation of a dingy dock; Consideration of a larger event space outside of Seaside Lagoon; Amenities, and attractions, like art, and a possible educational attraction; A sustainable environmental design.

To hammer out the exact wording, Commissioners Roger Carlson and Steven Walters were assigned to a two-person subcommittee to meet with Proud and his team before reporting back at the March 8 meeting.

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One thought on “Redondo Beach Harbor Commission Meets to Discuss Harbor Revitalization

  • Thomas Weeks

    Removing Seaside lagoon for private use is only benefiting the developer and city council with money in their pocket



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