Redondo Harbor Patrol Building Nears Completion

Byline: Taylor Hill

Redondo Harbor Patrol Building Nears Completion

REDONDO BEACH — The new Harbor Patrol facility located on Mole B in King Harbor is nearing completion, with Redondo Beach Fire Department and Los Angeles County Baywatch officers planning on occupying the building by the end of this month.

The new two-story structure, designed by Terrazas and Associates architects, has been in the works since 2008. It is replacing the double-wide trailer that the Harbor Patrol had operated out of previously.

“This building has just turned out really well for us,” said Redondo Beach Fire Chief Dan Madrigal. “And for the partnership and the co-sharing between the Redondo Beach Harbor Patrol and the L.A. County Baywatch, it’s going to work seamlessly.”

The facility, located directly behind the Harbor Patrol’s current docks and observation tower, is a 3,810-square-foot, two-story building that will be used for administrative office space and housing quarters for both Harbor Patrol personnel and lifeguards. The building’s first level contains bedrooms, restrooms and storage facilities for the Los Angeles County Lifeguard Department.

Three bedrooms, an office, a kitchen, a fitness room and restrooms for both men and women are housed on the second floor, for Harbor Patrol use. Harbor Patrol officers and county lifeguards will share a kitchen and office, located at the observation tower.

“We’re going to see new efficiencies in our workspace area, and overall living condition efficiencies,” Madrigal said.

The building required extensive design enhancements, as the unique setting of a joint facility for two departments required specific features. Madrigal said the joining of the Harbor Patrol and Lifeguard facilities came about more than 25 years ago, when a heavy winter storm destroyed the Baywatch facility, leading to the county utilizing the city of Redondo Beach’s Harbor Patrol building.

Since then, Redondo Beach’s Harbor Patrol has been operating out of temporary modular housing units and was expecting to get a permanent facility back in 1990s.

“We’ve finally been able to make that a reality, and get our personnel into a facility that can provide efficiencies in service deployment,” Madrigal said.

The cost of the building, at $1.5 million, was split evenly between the city and the county.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony with city and county officials is expected to take place in early August, after the final landscaping and exterior lighting touches are completed.

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