Redondo Beach holds community outreach meeting on the rebuilding of Sportfishing Pier

The general public is encouraged to give feedback on $693,000 design plans to update crumbling pier

REDONDO BEACH — Though it may be up in the air what will happen with Redondo Beach’s controversial harbor revitalization plan – referred to as “The Waterfront Project” – momentum has picked up during the community planning session to update the city’s tired Sportfishing Pier.

The Redondo Beach City Council, in January, approved a contract with Moffatt & Nichol, the marine engineering firm that designed a $693,000 plan to update the structure of the decaying wooden pier. The pier has also been closed since the beginning of the year. All vendors operating there – including a local favorite Polly’s on the Pier, which had been open for more than 30 years – have moved to other locations.

The fate of the Waterfront project won’t factor into the city’s plans for the Sportfishing Pier.

At the first meeting, it was revealed there had been severe damage to the pier, including timber piles with complete breakage and large holes in the structure. Redondo Beach’s City Council decided to completely rebuild the pier instead of making repairs. Rebuilding the pier could cost as much as $6 million.

During a second meeting, the conversation continued as to how the new pier design can best serve the city. Findings so far have stated a desire for sportsfishing is currently the top favored amenity.

Geraldine Trivedi, Civil Engineer for the City of Redondo Beach, stated in an email to The Log:

“The City has held two community meetings on this subject to date and I would describe the meetings as very positive and optimistic. Our City Council gave staff direction to solicit community input on this project so the redesign of the pier can best meet the community’s needs. Showing the community the possible features/amenities and receiving comments has been an exciting process. I’m happy to report that the highest desired amenity has been sportsfishing.”

The public input phase of the process began on April 21, and the last of three planned outreach meetings is tentatively slated for the end of July, coinciding with evaluation of the preferred concept design between city officials, Moffatt & Nichol and a California Coastal Commission hearing regarding waterfront development.

Currently, the public can contribute their opinion by accessing a survey online at redondo.org. The survey must be completed before midnight on July 1.

“The goal of this effort is to assemble a plan for King Harbor Sportfishing Pier Replacement that provides a community driven vision for the future,” the official survey states. “The Final Design Plan developed as a result of the community outreach process will set the stage for the future waterfront identity, give the planning and design team’s direction on community needs, and set the stage for the regulatory processes.”

A few of the significant features involved include feedback for public outdoor areas, the pier building, commercial operations in the waters (charter services, etc.), a floating dock, sportfishing operations and areas to access special events such as music festivals, yoga practices and more.

According to the first outreach presentation by the City of Redondo Beach, Moffatt & Nichol, established in 1941, is an experienced coastal engineering firm that has contributed to 45 piers and wharves along California’s coast including Huntington Beach Pier, San Clemente Pier, Manhattan Beach Pier, Santa Cruz Wharf and many more.


Sportfishing Pier Features/Amenities

Sportfishing (as of 6/8 the top-ranked by voters)

Commercial operations (water taxis, Catalina Express, charters)

Floating dock (dock-and-dine, Kayak/SUP launch)

Special events space

Outdoor aspects (benches, fire pits, interactive art, etc.)

Pier building (restaurants, other operations)


Conceptual design options reviewed

Bucktown Harbor Waterfront (New Orleans, LA)

Crown Bay Cruise Port (St. Thomas, Caribbean)

Pointe-a-Pitre Waterfront (Guadalupe, Caribbean)

*The City has considered these structures to further determine the best option for the pier remodel.

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