Redondo Beach voters could determine fate of Waterfront project

A ballot initiative potentially restricting development opportunities at Redondo Beach’s King Harbor was allowed to move forward last year. A grassroots group – Rescue Our Waterfront – opposed to the current iteration of CenterCal’s The Waterfront project spearheaded the ballot initiative in hopes of preventing what it thought was an oversized mall from being built on the edge of King Harbor.

City officials, in an analysis published in December 2016, stated Measure C, if approved, would not necessarily prevent CenterCal from realizing its Waterfront project.

“There is a question of law as to whether Measure C would require California Coastal Commission certification prior to taking effect,” Redondo Beach City Attorney Michael Webb stated in his office’s analysis of Measure C. “If Coastal Commission certification is legally required, then even if approved by the voters Measure C would only be contemplated legislation and cannot take effect as official law unless the Coastal Commission approves it.

“It is uncertain whether Measure C would interfere with any vested development rights already obtained,” Webb continued in his office’s analysis. “Portions of this measure potentially conflict with existing law and might not be enforceable if adopted.”

Measure C, also known as the King Harbor CARE Act, aims to halt construction of The Waterfront because it would violate a voter-approved zoning ordinance, according to the initiative’s supporters. The zoning ordinance was approved by Redondo Beach voters in 2010 and set parameters of the city’s future coastal development. However Measure C’s supporters and opponents disagree about the scope of the zoning ordinance.

Voters will decide on the fate of Measure C during the March 7 primary election. The initiative either allows for an economically viable redevelopment of King Harbor, according to Measure C’s opponents or builds an oversized waterfront mall, the initiative’s supporters argued.

Results of the March 7 election – and its potential effect on Redondo Beach’s Waterfront project, will be covered in The Log’s March 10 issue.

(Parimal M. Rohit photo)

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