Redondo Pier in the 1950s

REDONDO BEACH—Like many coastal cities in Southern California, Redondo Beach has had its fair share of piers. There have been seven piers constructed on the Redondo Beach shoreline over the years. Between 1889 and 1903, three piers were constructed to service freight activity when Redondo Beach was competing against the San Pedro harbor for dominance.

In 1916, a “V” shaped municipal pier referred to as the “Endless Pier” was constructed. Shortly after construction, the pier was damaged in a storm and was ultimately demolished in 1928. Meanwhile, in 1925 Captain Hans C. Monstad constructed “Monstad Pier” adjacent to the Endless Pier to provide landings for all fishing boats and pleasure crafts operating in Redondo Beach.

In 1929, a new wooden “Horseshoe Pier” was constructed. In 1983, the west end of the Monstad Pier was connected with the center of the Horseshoe Pier. In 1988 the pier was damaged from both a storm and a fire.

After many years of public debate, a reconstructed concrete Redondo Pier opened in 1995.

Redondo Beach Historical Society Facebook photo

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