San Clemente Ocean Festival raises awareness for protection of the Pacific Coast through dory boat races, beach-related athletic activities

SAN CLEMENTE — The annual San Clemente Ocean Festival, in an effort to promote ocean safety and protecting the environment, will be held with an array of surfing, boating, swimming and other challenges for all ages. This two-day event will occur the weekend of July 21-22.

“Ocean Cleaning Systems is an environmental sponsor, and new to our event this year,” Peggy Vance, San Clemente Ocean Festival’s executive director said.

When questioned on some of the best events for boaters, Vance told The Log there is a variety of challenging boating races to anticipate.

“We have the Dory Boat races on Saturday (lifeguard competition – 300-pound boats that two-man teams paddle around a course that takes them past the surfline and back to shore – two times) and Marine Raider Boat Challenge on Sunday, which is new to the event this year (six-man teams take inflatable boats around an open water course),” Vance said.

In addition to the boating challenges, there will be a Woody Car Exhibit on the pier, with 15 different cars each day.

The San Clemente Ocean Festival, at this time, is also looking for volunteers to assist with registration, product sales, offering refreshments, awards and more. As an event entirely run through volunteer efforts, those who like to offer their time are appreciated and an extensive listing of volunteer opportunities can be found on the official website.

The year’s presenting sponsors will include Fisherman’s Restaurant & Bar, Murf Electric Bikes and Youtheory.

Registration begins at 6 a.m., located at the picnic shelter north of San Clemente Pier. Events take place both days from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. and range in pricing from around $20 for kids’ events to $60 to register for adult events. Proceeds go to raising funds for nonprofit organizations, such as San Clemente Junior Lifeguard Program, San Clemente and State Lifeguards, Ocean Institute’s Adopt-A-Class program, city of San Clemente Aquatics program, Meals on Wheels and more.

For more information about the sporting events, volunteering and a full-length schedule of San Clemente Ocean Festival, visit the website at oceanfestival.org.

Photo: Sheri Crummer

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