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San Diego County shuts down recreational boating and fishing

COVID-19-themed order was amended to prohibit on-water and in-water activities in San Diego Bay as of April 4.

SAN DIEGO—Recreational boating activities at all bays in San Diego County have been restricted, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as of April 4. Recreational fishing has also been prohibited as part of the order.

“Boating for recreational purposes, watersports or swimming are prohibited on or in public waterways and beaches,” the amended county order stated.

San Diego County’s health officer initially issued an order on March 29, restricting various activities in response to COVID-19 pandemic. The April 4 amendment addressed recreational boating activities; the amendment also required all employees of grocery stories, pharmacies, drug stores, convenience stores, gas station, restaurants and food delivery services to where a face mask whenever they interact with the public.

The order applies to San Diego Bay, Mission Bay and Oceanside Harbor. Inland waterways and coastal lagoons managed by various city, county or state agencies would also have to abide by the order.

Expanded coverage will be included in the April 17 issue of The Log.

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3 thoughts on “San Diego County shuts down recreational boating and fishing

  • WE ARE going fishing when we run out of food, in order to feed ourselves and neighbors. ANYONE who tries to stop us will be deemed a direct threat to human life, national security, and constitutional rights, and WILL be responded to as such.

    • Big tough guy over here huh? You sound like a trump clown. There is plenty of food in stores there big chief. No need to flex your little muscles.

  • PS Cruising

    This is a complete knee jerk with no forethought. It’s hard to get private boats closer than 6 feet. How about letting boat Captains take some responsibility. Restrict crew numbers perhaps… You are going to force residents to open up the economy ourselves with these solutions to stop the spread. You will bankrupt California and that will be much worse.



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