San Diego Port Commissioners endorse Glorietta Bay improvements

SAN DIEGO — The final piece of the Glorietta Bay Marina improvement puzzle earned the unanimous support of the Port of San Diego’s Board of Port Commissioners on Sept. 8.

Commissioners endorsed Coronado’s plan to complete the final leg of improvements at Glorietta Bay Marina by adopting findings of an environmental report and approving a master plan amendment to implement the project.

Coronado Assistant City Attorney Tom Ritter told port commissioners the proposed improvements to Dock C and the boat launch ramp were necessary to modernize the marina’s infrastructure. Both projects would complete an entire overhaul of Glorietta Bay. Infrastructure improvements have already been made to docks A and B.

“Improvements to Dock C and Glorietta Bay boat launch are needed for two primary reasons: one is to replace clearly deteriorating facilities and infrastructure, and, two is to bring them up to current standards,” Ritter said. “We feel [the design process has] enhanced services for the public and lessen environmental impacts in the future.”

The project includes upgrading landside and waterside infrastructure, according to city and port staff; waterside improvements are within the Port of San Diego’s jurisdiction.

“The project improvements are needed in order to comply with state and local regulations and to provide enhanced recreational amenities in the area,” port staff stated. “Dock C improvements include the redevelopment, reconfiguration, and extension of the existing dock system, and the boat launch facility improvements include replacing the concrete apron of the boat launch ramp, maintaining the adjacent revetment, replacing and expanding the uses of the adjoining boarding dock with a free public dock, installing a non-motorized craft launch area on a new sandy beach, resurfacing the parking lot, installing a new boat wash-down area and repairing a small area of riprap and existing storm drain in the northern beach area of Glorietta Bay Park.”

Several improvements were made at Glorietta Bay Marina between 2007 and 2011, including overhauls of docks A and B and the creation of an eelgrass restoration area. The city also repaired the shoreline, installed a seawall, built parks and a promenade, realigned Strand Way and extended a bicycle path.

The Boat House Clubroom in Glorietta Bay Park opened in 2011 to provide the public with recreational opportunities.

“Glorietta Bay Marina Dock C was not replaced in 2007 because at that time it was determined that it had several more years of serviceable life. In 2011, however, the dock system was reassessed and was found to have deteriorated at a greater rate than previously anticipated, and the city began planning for its reconstruction,” port staff stated. 

Commissioner Marshall Merrifield commended the city of Coronado for doing its part in creating public access to San Diego Bay.

“This is a topic I think we need to expand upon as a port,” Merrifield said. “Our public anchorages have diminished over time. We want visitors to come in (to San Diego Bay) and spend the day. Any way we can encourage that all the better.”

Dock C, located at 1715 Strand Way, was constructed in the early 1980s and, according to port staff, is “beyond the midpoint of its useful service life and is deteriorating at an accelerated rate.”

Port staff added the current dock does not meet several mandates, including Coronado’s fire protection regulations, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility requirements and Cal Boating design standards.

The new dock would still feature 34 slips, including 16 for vessels up to 30 feet long and 18 for boats larger than 30 feet.

Glorietta Bay’s boat launch ramp at 1917 Strand Way was built in 1969 and also fails to meet ADA standards. An upgraded boat launch ramp would, according to port staff, “expand non-motorized boating opportunities and provide improved boat wash-off facilities.”

Plans call for the current wooden ramp to be demolished and replaced with a concrete structure with free public loading dock and a non-motorized vessel launch area.

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