Santa Barbara Harbor Commission elects new leadership

The Santa Barbara Harbor Commission re-convened after taking its annual summer hiatus and voted in its new leadership for the 2018-19 term.

Bill Spicer was elected to Harbor Commission chair, returning to a role he held earlier during his advisory board tenure. Jim Sloan was elected as the commission’s vice chair.

Sloan was elected as chair in July 2017 and served in the leadership position for a full year; Spicer was vice chair during the 2017-18 term.

There are seven members on the Harbor Commission: Sloan, Spicer, Betsy Cramer, Merit McCrea, Lang Sligh, John Stedman and Shoham Yaniv.

Spicer and Sloan will serve their respective roles until July 2019.

The commission also reviewed and approved committee assignments. There are six committees on the Harbor Commission: budget, chartering and business activity permits; local costal program update; marina key card policies; parking; and, request for proposal selection.

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