Santa Barbara Marina One rebuild to enter Phase 5

Santa Barbara Marina One rebuild to enter Phase 5

SANTA BARBARA – Phase 5 of Santa Barbara Harbor’s Marina One rebuild will begin at the end of November as part of the extensive revamp of the outdated marina.

The eight-phase project , which is anticipated to span more than nine years, includes the rebuild of dock fingers A through P that make up the 592-slip marina.

Phase 5 includes the rebuild of fingers J to K’s old docks, installation of the new docks by Bellingham Marine and installation of the new electrical and water systems to the docks.  Fingers J and K consists of a total of 80 slips in the 25, 30, 35 and 40 foot range.

“We aren’t changing the number of slips or configuration,” said Karl Treiberg, waterfront facilities manager.

The Marina One replacement project began in 2009, with the first phase of construction focused on the rebuild of the marina’s main headwalk, gangway, and shoreside electrical work. Phase 2 to 4 construction as completed in March 2013, which include the replacement of the docking system and utilities for the L through P fingers. Phase 1 and 4 work was funded through a Cal Boating loan.

Vessels will be relocated to Santa Barbara Harbor’s transient slips. Each finger is expected to take three weeks to rebuild.

Phase 5 construction has a $2 million price tag for construction and engineering. The cost is being covered through a loan from Cal Boating.

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