Santa Cruz Island: New and improved pier coming to Scorpion Harbor

Channel Islands National Park plans to make this access point a safer and better experience for boaters and visitors.

SANTA CRUZ ISLAND ― Channel Islands National Park representatives announced plans to replace the pier at Scorpion Harbor with a new pier in a different location. Park officials hope to ensure safe access to Santa Cruz Island.

Scorpion Harbor is a popular destination for boaters, kayakers and other outdoor activities on Santa Cruz island.

The current pier is in poor condition due to the swells and saltwater and was only meant to be a temporary structure to access the island.

The plans are to have a taller and longer pier close to where the current pier is but in a better access point. The new pier is expected to be 18 feet wide and 60 feet long in order to accommodate vessels safely, according to Yvonne Menard, Chief of Interpretation and Public Information Office for Channel Islands National Park.

Currently, vessel operators have to maneuver their boat close enough to the pier to pitch a ladder for passengers to disembark without crashing into the structure. This can be challenging and dangerous especially with swells.

“The overall purpose of the Scorpion Pier Replacement Project (Project) is to provide a safe, high-quality, and environmentally responsible pier and landside approach to allow year-round access to Santa Cruz Island at Scorpion Anchorage in a variety of weather conditions for visitors and NPS staff,” Channel Islands National Park’s press release stated.

There is no timeline at this point as to when the project will be completed let alone start. Funding still needs to be secured as well as a contractor.




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