State Senate kibosh’s “Under the Influence” bill

Senate Bill 1247 (SB 1247), which proposed to extend to law enforcement officers who have reasonable cause to subject someone he or she believes to be operating a vessel under the influence of alcohol or drugs to a chemical test of blood, breath or urine, was held in the State Senate an will not advance to a larger vote.

The bill, which was introduced by State Sen. Ted Gaines, R-El Dorado Hills, in February, was listed as “held in committee” after a May 25 hearing, meaning SB 1247 won’t move forward this legislative session.

SB 1247 initially passed out of the State Senate’s Committee on Public Safety in April, but was placed on the suspense file when it arrived at the Appropriations Committee in early May. Gaines’ proposal did not progress from there.

The “Under the Influence” proposal won’t be going anywhere this year, and it is not yet clear whether Gaines or anyone else would introduce a similar proposal in the near future.

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