Storm drain construction coming to portion of coastal Long Beach

What Happened: The California Coastal Commission approved an administrative permit to allow the city of Long Beach to install a new storm drain near Rainbow Harbor. Commissioners approved the permit on Aug. 9 during their August meeting in Eureka. Coastal Commission staff stated a portion of the proposed underground storm drain is within the quasi-judicial agency’s jurisdiction, specifically underneath the intersection of Shoreline Drive and Golden Shore.

What’s On Tap: Long Beach will decommission an existing storm drain pipe and install a new concrete storm drain along Seaside Way, between Chestnut Avenue and Golden Shore.

“The existing approximately 58-inch concrete storm drain pipe was damaged during rain storms in 2017, which flooded the area,” Coastal Commission staff stated in a report to commissioners. “Construction of the new storm drain pipe involves trenching, temporary shoring installation, protection of existing utilities, potential dewatering, and replacement of pavement.”

Construction work could be a factor for those who drive in and out of Downtown Long Beach’s two marinas: Rainbow and Shoreline.

“The proposed storm drain system is designed to capture and convey water associated with a 50-year storm event, which the applicant described is the standard in the Los Angeles region,” Coastal Commission staff stated. “If capacity is exceeded, excess water will be contained within the street right-of-way, which will either slowly drain back into the system or be pumped out of the street using a portable pump.”

The approved project also calls for the construction and maintenance of two manholes.


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