L.A. County Supervisors accept $380,000 in grants for Marina del Rey upgrades, law enforcement

L.A. County Supervisors accept $380,000 in grants for Marina del Rey upgrades, law enforcement

LOS ANGELES — Weeks after funding was approved by the California Boating Commission, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted on Dec. 16 to accept $300,000 in grant money to help pay for improvements to the public boat launch area in Marina del Rey.

The Cal Boating grant is part of a state initiative providing no-payback funding for publically owned marinas.

“The $300,000 grant amount was approved by [Cal Boating] for developing plans and specifications and obtaining a Coastal Development Permit for the refurbishment of the [Marina del Rey] public boat launch facility,” county staff said. “The recommended actions will enable the county to fund the upgrading of the [Marina del Rey] public boat launch area to provide modern and safe facilities for recreational use by the public.”

With the grant only funding plan development and obtaining a Coastal Development Permit, county officials estimate the total cost for boat launch facility improvements to be about $2.9 million.

According to county documents, Cal Boating could provide additional funding for improvements to the boat launching facility in subsequent cycles, depending on the agency’s funding priorities and available budget.

The Board of Supervisors have also been considering an $80,000 grant from Cal Boating to help the Sheriff’s Department in Marina del Rey purchase outboard engines.

Specifically, the $80,000 grant would allow the Sheriff’s Department to purchase four outboard engines to power vessels obtained from the United States Coast Guard.

“These vessels will help the department to respond to calls and rescues more safely. The vessels are suited for responding to emergencies in adverse weather conditions such as heavy winds and rough seas, and will give the department’s Marine Patrol a platform for getting close to disabled vessels in order to render aid,” county staff said.

In addition to responding to calls and rescues, the grant funding would help Sheriff’s personnel enforce boating regulations within Marina del Rey and throughout Santa Monica Bay.


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