System 001 tow test confirmed successful in San Francisco Bay Area

SAN FRANCISCO — The Ocean Cleanup launched a tow test from an assembly yard in Alameda in San Francisco’s Bay Area. In an update on The Ocean Cleanup’s official website, the cleanup system tow text was deemed satisfactory with minimal issues.

On the website, it read, “These favorable results mean we can continue the assembly of the full system and prepare for launch in the coming months.”

The test was executed around 50 nautical miles from the Golden Gate Bridge, towing the unit at varying speeds relative to the wind, current and waves; the test endured 120 meters and totaled about two weeks.

The website stated, “Overall the tow test unit behaved very well. It endured a severe storm and withstood the forces of the ocean during this time.”

Later this summer, the tow test is set to be launched. It “is in its optimal state for the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.”

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