Taking a stroll down Oceanside Pier

OCEANSIDE — Oceanside Historical Society contributed this photo, which was likely taken in 1908.

Kristi Hawthorne, president of Oceanside Historical Society, told The Log: “We have no idea who is in this photograph, but it was probably taken in or around 1908 because if you’re able to look very close there are light poles on the right side of the pier. The pier was not lighted until 1908. This pier was built in 1903.”

According to Hawthorne, Oceanside’s third pier was built in 1903 using steel railway rails purchased from Southern California Railway Co. and measured nearly 1,300 feet. Oceanside Electric Co. offered to light the pier free for one year in 1908 if the city agreed to pay for the necessary wiring. This pier was replaced in 1927, marking Oceanside’s fourth pier reconstruction.


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