The Log collects two awards at San Diego Press Club’s Excellence in Journalism

One of Southern California’s largest scribe organizations has recognized The Log three years in a row.

SAN DIEGO — San Diego Press Club recognized The Log’s work at its 45th Excellence in Journalism event, which was held at the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation on Oct. 30.

Editor Parimal M. Rohit was honored with two awards. It was the third time in as many years San Diego Press Club awarded him for his coverage in The Log.

Rohit’s Standing Watch article on offshore drilling, which was published in January, won first place in the “Essay/Commentary/Opinion – Non-Daily Newspapers” category. The article – headlined, “Make Offshore Drilling Great Again? Trump Administration Seeks Oil Exploration” – delved into the White House’s plan to add up to six new oil and gas leases off the California coast.

“The return of offshore drilling to California’s popular coast appears to be in vogue again, thanks to Pres. Donald J. Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ agenda,” Rohit wrote at the outset of his Standing Watch column. “As many as six offshore locations along California’s coast could be designated for oil leases, part of a great plan under the Trump Administration to establish the U.S.’s energy dominance.”

Also recognized by the press club was Rohit’s satire piece on California Gov. Jerry Brown. The April Fool’s story satirized a state plan to establish a new DMV – or Department of Marine Vessels.

“Long wait times on the water, grumpy employees with bad tans and glitches associated with the implementation of a new licensing system. If this sounds like your average day at the DMV, you’re right – except it’s not the Department of Motor Vehicles,” Rohit wrote. “Instead, it’s the new norm for California’s boaters, who, as of April 1, must deal with the newly minted Department of Marine Vessels.”

The satire article, headlined “Gov. Jerry Brown decrees new boating agency,” was published in March.

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