The Old Hans Dickmann Boatyard, 1947

NEWPORT BEACH—If there’s one thing that stands out about Newport Beach, it’s that it’s a boater’s town and has been from the beginning. Newport made a large portion of its wealth from the oceanfront as seen from this photo that dates back to 1947.

Hans Dickmann’s boat repair shop can be seen here. Dickmann, a German immigrant, founded his shop in Newport Harbor’s Rhine Channel in 1933. According to an article by The Daily Pilot, his repair shop became well known. David Rose, a composer and Judy Garland’s first husband, was a client. Eventually, due to increasing property costs, the boatyard was retired.


Photo courtesy of Orange County Archives.

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3 thoughts on “The Old Hans Dickmann Boatyard, 1947

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  • Back in the late 70’s/early80’s I was a deckhand on the vessel “City of Oceanside. We fished for live bait for the sport fishing boats at Oceanside harbor,Oceanside, CA. We used to pull the boat out every year at the boat yard. I remember Jean and Frank. I also remember eating at the restaurant across the street. I drove my Grandkids up there about 10 years ago and the area has really changed. Most of the old shops were gone. So sad.

  • Marilyn Schultz

    In 1947 my father built a small house around the corner on 31st Street that still stands. He was a tool and die maker and machinist and worked at the Hans Dickmann boatyard for a time. My parents sold the house in 1955 and moved to Newport Heights. I visited the old house in the mid 1990’s and it was a maritime documentation office. I think when we were still living there SE Briggs Electric was next door which might have become Tripp Electric later on and I remember there being an ice house in the alley behind us.



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